April 13

I have been chugging away on my first pattern drafting project today, with a bit of a break to go to a KU music department jazz show downtown (which was faaantastic!) Then I enjoyed a glass of chocolate milk and some relaxing music... I'm looking forward to crawling into my bed.

Not before telling you about a great post from one of the blogs I read, Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business. This lovely lady just gave a tutorial on some super simple window shades that I can't wait to use... if only we didn't have ugly mini-blinds in our apartment! They just use dowel rods, hooks from the hardware store and hook and eyes. So easy.

Check it out HERE and be happy!


April 10

Every year my school has an event called JCCC's Night at the Nelson, where they reserve the Nelson-Atkins art museum for JCCC students and various arts and humanities professors lecture on select pieces of art. It is fantastic! This year I went with a couple of friends and was able to hear a lecture from my old Classical Mythology teacher, Dr. Michael Robertson, whom I really enjoyed (how many professors can teach you ancient Greek?) I didn't get a good picture of him though, so the one I have below is of Larry Thomas, one of the fine arts professors.

Afterward we stopped at Winsteads to enjoy some cherry milkshakes. Yum.


April. 1

What happens when I ignore Etsy for a week? I get featured in two treasuries and the Storque! Thanks Etsy for including me in the most recent "Keep it Weird" blog post! Here are the treasuries...

I hope everyone had a lovely April 1st!