May 21st

I see it has been a while since I've updated.... I just had my last day at the greenhouse yesterday, so now I'm just looking forward to my garden growing and being happy without adding a whole lot more. Warning: this might be a bit image happy for some folks.

I've decided that my winter sowing experiment was a bit of a failure, possibly due to the cold spring. None of my seedlings have grown past that itty bitty stage other than my onions, and those are still nowhere near the size my mom's are that were planted from sets. 

These are my Cherokee Purple seedlings.... I gave up and just bought a full sized plant yesterday.

The strawberries I took from my dad's patch are fruiting, and the one I bought from Henry's outside of Topeka just put out its first pink flower!

My basil is growing great, I'll need to even start pruning a couple of them soon.

I'm probably the happiest about my sweet little Allium I planted last fall. Its flowers are so pretty! I wish they lasted longer.

I've also been sewing lately, so sometime soon I'll have to get pictures of my dresses to show you all!


May 8th

I made jelly for the first time!

More specifically, redbud jelly. From this recipe. In hindsight, it's a bit sweet so I may find another recipe that uses less sugar.

Now that I've had my first canning project, I'm looking forward to doing more! It wasn't nearly as difficult and time consuming as I feared. I'm thinking strawberry jam.....


May 6th

After a freakish snow a few days ago, spring weather is finally back to stay (I hope). My garden is looking a bit more full with the perennials coming up and I finally have peas, carrots, lettuce, and onions in the ground.

I have a few strawberries in pots and before too long if my tomatoes end up getting big enough (there are only a few seedlings and those don't even have their true leaves yet, so I may end up having to buy tomatoes after all)

Later this week I'm heading off to my parents to help put in some more veggies in their garden. I'm looking forward to growing cucumbers, zucchini.... all sorts of sun lovers that I can't grow at my place.