Nov. 30

The holiday season is starting! Pretty lights are up on all the trees downtown and there is frost on my car windows in the morning. I can also tell it is getting on winter by the attention given to my little Dala horse ornaments! Here are some of the treasuries I've been in the last week or so... definitely check out some of the other items too, there is some really good looking stuff here.


Nov. 19

Goodness, I've been busy. I went to Chicago last weekend (and had a blast!). Among many fantastic things about that weekend, one in particular was extra fantastic: I got a Diana mini in a big Urban Outfitters sale. Sarah is happy.

I've wanted a lomography camera for quite a while, but didn't want to mess with the medium format film, pricier developing, and less pictures. This little camera just uses 35mm film and came with a flash (with interchangeable color films and adapters for use on different cameras!) and a book of photos. I'm mostly excited about the flash. I can use it on my Cannon AE-1, which has previously never had one. I went through a whole roll of film in about a day, and while most of the pictures were underexposed, a few came out really well!

I'm really going to try and take pictures more with it, since I don't have to really worry so much about them being perfectly composed or in focus.


Nov. 3

I woke up this morning expecting horrible icy weather (it rained yesterday evening and was supposed to snow/ice overnight) but instead it is a bright, chilly day! Always a pleasant surprise.

The other day I made some pumpkin granola (via THIS recipe) and decided I wanted to try out making granola bars with it. After much research on the Pinterest, I decided on THIS recipe, though instead of including chocolate chips, I melted the chips and spread the chocolate on top of the whole thing. Successful if I say so myself, though I might be slightly biased. Next time I might use a little less honey and see if they still stick together.... or just bake up some more with a different recipe (This one uses sweetened condensed milk?).

To note, I don't taste much pumpkin, but I think putting it in the granola gives it a fantastic crunch and some healthy benefits to boot!