August 28th

I am an avid Pinterest-er, and as soon as I saw this project I knew it would be useful and something I would want, so when I got engaged it was one of the first DIY's on my list.

Turns out it's super easy, all you need is a small frame, the cardboard that came in the frame (glass not needed, you can find glass-less frames at thrift stores super cheap), felt, and a pushpin. 
Note: I didn't use the white felt at all.

I cut out a piece of felt the size of the cardboard in the frame, figured out where I wanted the ring to hang and embroidered a little leaf pattern around it. 

Stack your embroidered felt on the cardboard and stick your pin in the right place, bending it 1/4-1/2" away from the ball at about a 45 degree angle. Tape the pin to the backside of the cardboard, put it back in the frame, and voila! 

You got yourself a ring frame.

I put mine above the sink so I don't have to wear my ring when I do dishes.


August 10th

Garden update!

First of all, I harvested my carrots (mixed variety from Cubits) and while they were very tiny, they were very adorable and after I saved some to give as a birthday present, we just ate them all raw. I loved this mix, though I didn't care so much for the light colored carrots, so next time I may just get a pack of the purple and a pack of the orange and forgo the variety pack. I planted the rest of my Parisian carrots so hopefully there is enough time to get them grown before it freezes. 

My mystery peppers are growing and are so big! None of them have turned colors yet, but I've already picked a couple. I nibbled on them and they don't seem hot, so I really have no idea what kind of pepper they are.

My tomatoes are all fruiting (except for the Cherokee Purple... the only one I actually bought at the greenhouse) but alas, they have yet to ripen, so I still don't know what kind of tomato they are. The tallest is about seven feet tall at this point though. It's crazy.

And lastly, I have some beans! They are tiny and adorable.