May 8

So with the contest closed and tabs pulled from the hat I find Synthia to be the winner! Huzzah's all around! The odds for everyone were pretty good this time around, maybe next time it will be a bit tighter. So Synthia, I'll get that to you posthaste!

And also, on an unrelated note: Cookie dough is the best use for left over Cadbury mini-eggs ever.


May 4

Two posts in one day? This lady must be crazy!

Or I decided how I wanted to celebrate Star Wars day... with my very first givaway! I have wanted to do something special soon anyways because I passed a little Etsy milestone with having 100 sales. I'll be sending some lucky person one of my Admiral Ackbar cards!

To enter all you have to do is
1. Leave a comment on this post
2. You could get a second entree by friending TwoHungryBlackbirds on Facebook, just leave a second comment letting me know you have.

I'll leave this contest open for anyone worldwide, and until Saturday night.

Good Luck!

May 4

Happy Star Wars day! (as in May the fourth be with you.... too witty for me to have come up with it, I assure you). I don't know yet how I am going to celebrate, but rest assured that the holiday will be recognized.

Also, I was very recently featured in a great little magazine called Babiekins. The whole magazine is online and it is really great! The photography and styling are lovely and I'm really happy to have been included. Check me out around page 270!


May. 2

The time sure is flying... school is almost over and the summer is so close! Things are getting pretty busy at the greenhouse and I certainly have the garden bug in me at the moment as well, I'm also very envious of those with a yard! The best I can do is an potted herb garden and my houseplants. I can't wait until I can plant perennials!

Yesterday was the annual Lawrence Art in the Park fair downtown. I was sadly working throughout all of it, but I hopped over there afterward and saw some of the booths while they were closing shop. Next year I'll hopefully have a table there myself!

I'm going to keep it short for now so I can hit the sack. Soon I'm hoping to update with everything I made in my sewing class and some of the things I worked on in pattern drafting. Having more time to do things will be so so so nice.

In closing, I found a great Tumblr blog that is entirely filled by various animals with Tom Hanks heads Photoshopped onto them. Here is one of my favorites!