May. 2

The time sure is flying... school is almost over and the summer is so close! Things are getting pretty busy at the greenhouse and I certainly have the garden bug in me at the moment as well, I'm also very envious of those with a yard! The best I can do is an potted herb garden and my houseplants. I can't wait until I can plant perennials!

Yesterday was the annual Lawrence Art in the Park fair downtown. I was sadly working throughout all of it, but I hopped over there afterward and saw some of the booths while they were closing shop. Next year I'll hopefully have a table there myself!

I'm going to keep it short for now so I can hit the sack. Soon I'm hoping to update with everything I made in my sewing class and some of the things I worked on in pattern drafting. Having more time to do things will be so so so nice.

In closing, I found a great Tumblr blog that is entirely filled by various animals with Tom Hanks heads Photoshopped onto them. Here is one of my favorites!

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