Nov. 29

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, the long weekend has spoiled me I think, I don't want to go back to school tomorrow. Yesterday my mom and I shared a booth at the Holiday Bazaar in Perry and though it was slow (what timing for a KU game!) I had a good time. A friend in the next booth over suggested I join the Lawrence Art Guild and I think it would be a really good idea! Students get a discount and I would also get a discount at the Lawrence Art in the Park show in the spring... it would mean that I will have to find a way to make ceramics over next semester however, so I may have to explore options or possibly take it at JCCC again next semester. That would be a lot of hours though which I'm not sure if I am okay with. It would be super exciting to be in a bigger show and sell some pottery though!

In researching vintage Christmas ornaments, I came across these little guys and though there aren't any pictures of them in a tree, I can just imagine how lovely they would look on one. I may have to explore that if I ever have a tree of my own, just maybe sans the shinyness...

Nov. 22

Hi all, I just wanted to update a bit on some of the treasuries my shop, Two Hungry Blackbirds, has been in lately!
Weekend Browsing by ReyesRobledo
Nordic Dream by ElleMeredith
Ornamentation by littleaxe
And lastly, this one is actually linking to my other site, Spottedsushi, it's absolutely adorable though. Her shop is cute as can be as well.
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by amyawalters
Check them out!


Nov. 20

Boy I've been busy! I've finished a whole bunch of ornaments and took pictures of them all yesterday and editing pictures and putting things up on my shop... whew! I just put up all of the Russian doll ornaments and am going to start working on updating with the newer ones.

Check them out here at Two Hungry Blackbirds!

I also just got back from an estate sale which was highly successful. I got four yards of a nice big lace for a dollar, a pair of snazzy scalloped gloves, some packages of stretch lace, an old handmade dress, a slip pattern, some fabric... it was a good find. I probably should have gotten some stuff that was for me to sell rather than to use, but I'm happy.

The weather here has been amazing the last couple of days! I hope everyone is having a good autumn... I'm excited for Thanksgiving!


Nov. 16

This is what my bed has looked like for the last three evenings or so...

A big ol' mess of ribbons, felt, and embroidery floss.
But look at the outcome! I'd say it's worth it, and I've been able to catch up on this season of Mythbusters while I embroider.

All to prepare myself for the craft show next weekend and hopefully some success in the shop!

In other news, my red dala horse ornament got to the front page of Etsy the other day! I'm super excited, especially since the season is just starting. Unfortunately it was up there at two in the morning and I didn't get any sales from it, but I got tons of favorites and views. Fingers crossed that I'll get in some more treasuries and get up there again before Christmas!


Nov. 12

Hey! Look what I've been up to!

 I made up a batch of these to hopefully sell at the craft fair later this month. They are meant to be little Russian dolls but I'm not sure how successful I was at that.

I've also been working on a sculpture in my ceramics class... I've never made anything like this but figurative sculpture is my teachers specialty and she gave us a few demos. It's amazing what kind of techniques can make something look realistic... I'm also making a head (that might turn into a bust?) and it looks so much better than any of the other one's I've made. Technique makes so much of a difference!

I've also become reacquainted with an author I read in high school named Mary Roach. She writes very entertaining science non-fiction books. I'm reading two at the moment, which may not be such a good idea because then I'll go through them and not have any more.

I also made lasagna tonight and quickly realized how silly of an idea it is to make a whole batch of lasagna when only one person will be eating it. Thank goodness for freezers?


Nov. 6

I made pumpkin cinnamon rolls for breakfast today and I cannot even wait to post about them. They were amazing. I used the recipe from here, but I made cream cheese frosting instead of the glaze she has. Here is the result:

So incredibly good.


Nov. 5

Picture by Luve.

I said I would update today and I intended on taking pictures of some new things I've made, but I forgot to take pictures of them until after 4 when the light was terrible. So.... it might be a couple more days on that since I won't be around tomorrow. I am in the process of making pumpkin cinnamon rolls, so we'll see how well that goes. My dough was pretty sticky while I was kneading it, I had to add a lot more flour. I'm excited to eat them though!

Now I'm drinking a lovely cup of tea. I've never been a tea person but a dear friend sent me a whole tin of loose leaf jasmine curls last Christmas and I drank some then, but dang, this last week or two I have been drinking it like crazy! I am craving a cup or two a day. It has been getting a lot colder and my roommate and I haven't turned on the heat yet, so I have been keeping warm with the tea and my lovely little space heater who is just about my best friend right now. My roommate teases me because when I bring it into another room with me I look like a little kid dragging a red wagon.


Nov. 4

I am a Joni Mitchell fan and was looking up a video of hers on Youtube and came across this one. It's a perfect song for autumn, I've been listening to it a lot. This is from a live performance a couple years before the song was released.

I have never thought to compare the two, but in this video I see a striking resemblance between Joni and Kira, from The Dark Crystal.

See the resemblance? No disrespect to Joni of course.

In other news, I did make the bagels and they turned out pretty fine if I say so myself. I've also been working on some new stuff for my shop. I'll update tomorrow!