Nov. 5

Picture by Luve.

I said I would update today and I intended on taking pictures of some new things I've made, but I forgot to take pictures of them until after 4 when the light was terrible. So.... it might be a couple more days on that since I won't be around tomorrow. I am in the process of making pumpkin cinnamon rolls, so we'll see how well that goes. My dough was pretty sticky while I was kneading it, I had to add a lot more flour. I'm excited to eat them though!

Now I'm drinking a lovely cup of tea. I've never been a tea person but a dear friend sent me a whole tin of loose leaf jasmine curls last Christmas and I drank some then, but dang, this last week or two I have been drinking it like crazy! I am craving a cup or two a day. It has been getting a lot colder and my roommate and I haven't turned on the heat yet, so I have been keeping warm with the tea and my lovely little space heater who is just about my best friend right now. My roommate teases me because when I bring it into another room with me I look like a little kid dragging a red wagon.

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  1. hahaha You do! I was actually picturing on of those toy dogs on a string, but red wagon works too. :)