June 29

This sign is especially cool because it also features my friend's band Cowgirls Train Set!

Last night I went to a fantastic show called Horror Remix! I may have mentioned it before at some point; I used to go to them in Kansas City but now they have moved to Lawrence and I couldn't be more pleased. The premise of the show is taking two or three bad horror movies and editing them down to their most essential half hour ("all killer, no filler"). Each show has a theme (shopping mall movies, biker movies... etc) and the theme for this one was The Beast, or more specifically, evil pets!

The movies were amazingly bad and the show was hilarious. This was also the first benefit Horror Remix, a local organization named Fix Our Friends was there taking donations for low cost spays and neuters for pets of families who can't afford to fix their pets.

Here's the trailer:
Horror Remix Presents BEAST from Edward John on Vimeo.


June 26

And also: Mystery Science Theater 3000 embroidery project finished.


June 25

Today I went to Old Navy and found some super cheap clothes on the clearance rack... I bought two blue turtleneck sweaters for $.47 apiece and two pairs of green corduroys for $.97 apiece (along with a pair of twill shorts for 17.50, but we'll focus on the big deals today I think okay?).

The pants are way too wide legged for me to want to wear, and that would be too much green for me to wear, but the waist fits really well, so I have already cut one up in an attempt to make a skirt (which may or may not be successful) and the other I am just going to make into shorts.

The shirts I'll probably cut up to use for something. I should have had the foresight to purchase them in my size, but I grabbed two sizes larger to give me more fabric to work with. I have already cut a sleeve off of one of them to make a bracelet using this tutorial that I've been admiring for a little while. I got a little carried away and cut up a couple of my other shirts to make some in other colors as well! I also made a necklace.... we'll see how much I wear these this summer.

Now I need to figure out what to do with the rest of these poor shirts I have destroyed!

Also: This is why I love Old Navy!


June 21

I have recently started getting more into embroidery.... more specifically I have been collecting free embroidery patterns online. Some are absolutely fantastic, I might make a 'favorite's post here soon. I have also been dreaming of my own patterns (geeky, of course) and first on the list is a lovely screencap from the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode Final Sacrifice (which is available on Netflix instant watch if anyone is interested!)

In doing this I also tested out two methods of transferring the design onto fabric - iron on transfer pencil from paper and tracing directly onto the fabric with a wash out pen. The pencil won out hands down, though I'm sure the pen has its uses, maybe on a smoother fabric?

Anyways, here is the original picture:

And here is the beginning of my embroidery of it:

I have some more ideas and drawings of other MST3K patterns... we'll see what the future brings us!


June. 8

Last fall, a friend gave me a lovely gift in the form of a Coyote penis bone from The Evolution Store. It just came in a vial, so I haven't known what to do with it other than keep it in its box on my bookshelf, which is no place for such a treasure.

To properly display it I bought an empty glassless picture frame from the Salvation Army and nailed in two tiny picture frame nails about a quarter of the way down on the inside where they can't be seen. I used thick button thread and tied a slipknot around the top of the vial, then tied each side of the thread to a nail, keeping the vial centered.

The result?

June. 1

An artist I have been following as of late, Scott Campbell, has just released a jigsaw puzzle featuring one of his works of art. The puzzle itself should be art!

It features an epic battle between Medieval knights and a full piece orchestra. The pieces themselves are carved into amazing shapes too...

And did I mention the whole thing was made out of wood and comes in a lovely wooden box? Oh how I wish this could belong to me!

You can find it HERE!