June 29

This sign is especially cool because it also features my friend's band Cowgirls Train Set!

Last night I went to a fantastic show called Horror Remix! I may have mentioned it before at some point; I used to go to them in Kansas City but now they have moved to Lawrence and I couldn't be more pleased. The premise of the show is taking two or three bad horror movies and editing them down to their most essential half hour ("all killer, no filler"). Each show has a theme (shopping mall movies, biker movies... etc) and the theme for this one was The Beast, or more specifically, evil pets!

The movies were amazingly bad and the show was hilarious. This was also the first benefit Horror Remix, a local organization named Fix Our Friends was there taking donations for low cost spays and neuters for pets of families who can't afford to fix their pets.

Here's the trailer:
Horror Remix Presents BEAST from Edward John on Vimeo.

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