June 25

Today I went to Old Navy and found some super cheap clothes on the clearance rack... I bought two blue turtleneck sweaters for $.47 apiece and two pairs of green corduroys for $.97 apiece (along with a pair of twill shorts for 17.50, but we'll focus on the big deals today I think okay?).

The pants are way too wide legged for me to want to wear, and that would be too much green for me to wear, but the waist fits really well, so I have already cut one up in an attempt to make a skirt (which may or may not be successful) and the other I am just going to make into shorts.

The shirts I'll probably cut up to use for something. I should have had the foresight to purchase them in my size, but I grabbed two sizes larger to give me more fabric to work with. I have already cut a sleeve off of one of them to make a bracelet using this tutorial that I've been admiring for a little while. I got a little carried away and cut up a couple of my other shirts to make some in other colors as well! I also made a necklace.... we'll see how much I wear these this summer.

Now I need to figure out what to do with the rest of these poor shirts I have destroyed!

Also: This is why I love Old Navy!

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