June 21

I have recently started getting more into embroidery.... more specifically I have been collecting free embroidery patterns online. Some are absolutely fantastic, I might make a 'favorite's post here soon. I have also been dreaming of my own patterns (geeky, of course) and first on the list is a lovely screencap from the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode Final Sacrifice (which is available on Netflix instant watch if anyone is interested!)

In doing this I also tested out two methods of transferring the design onto fabric - iron on transfer pencil from paper and tracing directly onto the fabric with a wash out pen. The pencil won out hands down, though I'm sure the pen has its uses, maybe on a smoother fabric?

Anyways, here is the original picture:

And here is the beginning of my embroidery of it:

I have some more ideas and drawings of other MST3K patterns... we'll see what the future brings us!

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