Nov. 20

Boy I've been busy! I've finished a whole bunch of ornaments and took pictures of them all yesterday and editing pictures and putting things up on my shop... whew! I just put up all of the Russian doll ornaments and am going to start working on updating with the newer ones.

Check them out here at Two Hungry Blackbirds!

I also just got back from an estate sale which was highly successful. I got four yards of a nice big lace for a dollar, a pair of snazzy scalloped gloves, some packages of stretch lace, an old handmade dress, a slip pattern, some fabric... it was a good find. I probably should have gotten some stuff that was for me to sell rather than to use, but I'm happy.

The weather here has been amazing the last couple of days! I hope everyone is having a good autumn... I'm excited for Thanksgiving!

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