Nov. 12

Hey! Look what I've been up to!

 I made up a batch of these to hopefully sell at the craft fair later this month. They are meant to be little Russian dolls but I'm not sure how successful I was at that.

I've also been working on a sculpture in my ceramics class... I've never made anything like this but figurative sculpture is my teachers specialty and she gave us a few demos. It's amazing what kind of techniques can make something look realistic... I'm also making a head (that might turn into a bust?) and it looks so much better than any of the other one's I've made. Technique makes so much of a difference!

I've also become reacquainted with an author I read in high school named Mary Roach. She writes very entertaining science non-fiction books. I'm reading two at the moment, which may not be such a good idea because then I'll go through them and not have any more.

I also made lasagna tonight and quickly realized how silly of an idea it is to make a whole batch of lasagna when only one person will be eating it. Thank goodness for freezers?

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  1. or it could be eaten by the parental figues for supper Saturday night:^)