Oct. 13

Last week I was walking around downtown and saw that a used bookstore that I've been eying (that has previously been closed whenever I've been around) was open. This place was so full of books that I could barely even get around the owner to go down the narrow row between the shelves and almost all of them were vintage. I worked my way around the whole place and walked out with a sewing book from 1943, one of my favorite fashion periods!

The inside is full of great techniques on how to restyle older dresses and mending, not to mention a huge variety of examples of details and necklines and other elements.
I have to admit, the only neckline I really like here is the scalloped one on the model.
I may have to make one or two hats as well!
I like the little cape idea in the top lefthand corner of this one especially.
I don't have school for the next couple of days, so I'll be sure to get some sewing done, then this weekend I have a birthday shindig for a friend in Kansas City and I'm going to a Sufjan Stevens concert! So excited.

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