Oct. 4

It has been longer since my last post than I meant... I've been busy, I promise! This weekend I went with a friend to his family reunion in Bentonsport, Iowa which was a very small town and very relaxing. He has some adorable little cousins that we played with a lot... I taught one how to throw a frisbee and take a picture with my digital camera. I believe by the end of the day she took a hundred and fifty pictures, almost all of them being either out of focus or of the floor. The things I do to entertain a cute child!

Today I picked up my sewing machine and I look forward to trying it out to make sure it's all set. I stopped by the thrift store by the sewing machine shop and came out with some sewing patterns for a quarter apiece. I think I'll only sell a few of them, the others I think could make some cute girls dresses. I need to find projects for the fabric that I have! I also have a lot of school work this week, so we'll see which one is triumphant.

I have however, been steadily uploading vintage sewing patterns onto my other Etsy shop. Take a look!


  1. I'm not sure what's more entertaining...the fact that the young one took so many photos of the floor or the fact that you just participated in the imminent doom of humanity by handing serious technology over to a small child!

    alas...we will soon have micro chips in our brains and advertisements that recognize us when we walk down the street...and there's nothing we can do about it...

    CARRY ON! :-)

    ...maybe those talking ads will tell people to buy your cute animal creations!...or find me a beardy-man....

    alas...we must succumb to doom...

  2. My camera isn't even the worst of it! She was playing with Colby's DSLR too, though I was holding it up for her.