Jan. 3

I have so many updates!

I have been recently reunited with the craft of rubber stamp carving and I am loving it. I have been a bit of a stamping fool since sales for my embroidery items have died down after the holiday. I'm so excited!

Warning: This is a slightly image heavy post. 

First off, I did one of a tiny beaked toad for the Mad Scientists of Etsy December challenge and am pretty darn pleased with him. It looks like he is having a slightly disinterested conversation, so I gave him a speech bubble.
Can be found here!

I'm also quite pleased with a couple more geeky ones: Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars and Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000.
Find it here!

Find it here!

A couple more geeky cards are of DNA strands and the Moon!
Find it here!
Find it here!
And the last two are cute little kitties based off of cats I know. I would really like to make more stamps based off of actual cats in my life. These are Tristan and Felicity, two kitties of a friend.

Found here!

Find it here!
It's been a long day taking pictures and doing stuff on the computer, so I think I'm going to call it for now and eat some of my turkey noodle soup. Some Star Wars could definitely be in order as well. I want to do a lot more Star Wars and MST3K stamps... possibly Star Trek as well. I've also gotten some more ideas for science related stamps. I love being geeky!

If you have an idea of something YOU would like to see in stamp form, let me know!

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  1. i most enjoy the DNA and the moon! but that's because i'm biased!