Mar. 18

I had a good spring break. A good portion of it was spent sewing, and kite flying, and CP (crock pot) bbq chicken eating. My friend Mary and I sewed up our own kites and while it was fun, they didn't ever really get too high. We think they might be too heavy, so I'm going to get some lighter dowel rods and see if that helps.

This weekend is the first one I am working at the greenhouse, so I'm going to be a crazy busy woman until school get's out. On the plus side, I bought a couple cute biodegradable pots and some pansies. I didn't think I liked pansies, but they have grown on me. Once everything starts to bloom I'm going to be so happy there I think.

Also, my DNA card was recently featured in Que Interesante! Take a look!

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