July 23

This certainly seems to be a busy blogging week... maybe I have too much spare time... Regardless, I have another finished project that I am excited about. For years (seriously) I have had a cool picture frame with nothing in it. It has even been on display for a good portion of that time... without a picture in it. Maybe I felt that would inspire me to figure out what to put in it? No idea.

Part of the reason it has been empty for so long is that the size is unusual.. how many people have a 2.25" square picture laying around? I figured it would be a good time to try out a little embroidery.

I have had some Star Trek coloring book pages on my computer for a while with the intention of using them as embroidery patterns, and they were already square, so I simply needed to resize it to fit the frame. I'm super pleased with how it looks in the frame, though it's difficult to take a decent picture of it.

I also used a new transferring technique. Since I was using a dark fabric, I simply traced the pattern with transfer paper right on it. It worked great and the detail was really good, though if I were working on it for more than a day or two I would be afraid it would rub off. I actually didn't even wash it off of my fabric and you can barely tell that it's there in this picture.

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