Aug. 19

I have definitely been feeling the two-job business this week, so not much of an update. I worked both of them back to back today and picked up a bit of frozen yogurt at 3 Spoons afterward. I kind of really wanted to do something else afterwards, but I couldn't figure out what, so home I went. Tomorrow I need to do some more pottery... it's the last day to work with wet clay, so hopefully I can get up early and head over.

I still have yet to get myself a copy of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine to take some better pictures of my project for you... I looked online and it doesn't appear to be anywhere. Alas. My Craptor embroidery was featured on Mr. X Stitch today though, which is pretty cool. I like that site a lot. 

Right now I'm listening to Nat King Cole on Spotify and it's so peaceful. I think it's about time I go to bed.

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