Feb. 12

The best way to get back into a groove is just to go for it right? Well here goes blogging:

I took some pictures the other day of my garden, and I wanted to put it up so I can see a difference once everything starts growing again. So far it's just a few bulbs popping up, but since I didn't live here in the spring last year, I'm not sure what they are, so it's exciting!

I'm also experimenting with some seed starting this year with the winter sowing method. So far nothing has sprouted, but it's still a bit cold.... I'm planting some flowers and veggies, plus a few perennials.

Here you can see one side of the front garden and evidence of my winter sowing (milk jugs).
This is the south side and the only area to get any sun. The buckets will house tomatoes!
This area is pure shade, but I built a little bed so I hope I can grow a few flowers at least.
These guys are a couple of blueberries I got last fall, hopefully they'll get busy this summer.
Evidence of growth. I'm not sure what these are, daffodils maybe?

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