April 5

The weather has finally been staying warm regularly so I've been going a little crazy with outdoor projects. One of my good friends just moved into a new house, so I've been helping her with random things. We dug up some mimosa trees and lilac bushes out of my parents old house on Tuesday and planted them on Thursday (not to mention non-gardening activities, like tearing out her chimney!)

In my garden I've built a trellis for the sadly neglected clematis patch (they were attempting to grow on a single stick propped up against the wall and had amassed into a huge tangled clump), though since I don't know what kind of clematis it is, I don't really know how to prune it properly. I trimmed it up a bit and transplanted one that was totally in the wrong place. I can't wait to see what they look like so I can treat them better come next spring.

Today I planted my carrots in two containers; they're a rainbow mix from Cubits. I have some little round Parisian carrots I need to put someplace too. I also planted some lettuce in the ground.

Now onto some pictures! Here are just a few, there are more on my Flickr page if you are curious.

This is the clematis patch. I counted at least 6 different plants, and it's possible that bot 2 and 6 are multiple plants in the same bunch. Only time will tell!
These are some basil seedlings that I snagged at work after thinning a few flats. Shhhh......
My alyssum have kind of blown up! I hope they don't get out of control before they are big enough to separate.
Here is some coleus (top) and blue sweet woodruff ( bottom). I'm excited for them to get bigger!
Lastly, here is an update on my onions. They are getting pretty big! An inch or two for sure. They're going to go in the ground and maybe also at my parents place when they are ready. 

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