June 13

Well it's finally been long enough that I have something to show of the flowers I started from seed! I feel like it's been ages, but I have a pansy and some alyssum blooming. 

There are also some blooms on my clematis!
I also have a final count on tomatoes and peppers for the season: One Cherokee Purple tomato, three unknown tomatoes that I started from seed (could be Cherokee Purple, or any random color of cherry tomato), one jalapeno pepper, and two other unknown peppers. They don't look like my jalapeno, but that's all I have to judge what they are, a friend gave them to me.

The tomatoes I started from seed are still kind of small, so I may not even get much out of them, but who knows, maybe they will grow fast.

In news from the rest of my garden, something has been eating up my carrots, and it isn't a rabbit, as the pots are elevated a few feet off the ground. Maybe some kind of fly or grasshopper? It's been eating a lot of other stuff in my garden as well. I pulled up my onion seedlings because they weren't growing at all and it was really frustrating. I'm going to put beans in their place with hopefully more success. 

I also have some garlic scapes growing! I don't know what I'm going to do with them yet, so if you have any ideas, let me know!


  1. Here's a good page with a description: