July 23rd

Everything is going on just as usual over here in blogland. The garden is growing bigger and getting drier... I finally have some fruit on my tomatoes and now I know that the three mystery tomatoes are all cherries, though the specific variety is still unknown. One of them is taller than I am now! I have fruit on my mystery peppers too, and I can tell that they are hot, but I don't know the variety yet. I may wait to see what color they turn before I pick them.

I've harvested a ton from my parents garden so far... enough cukes and peppers for a couple batches of pickles and tons of jars of pickled jalapenos. They have lots of overgrown tomato plants with fruit just waiting to ripen, though some seem to be getting eaten by the chickens. Later this week I'm going to see if their blackberries are ripe yet. Yum!

The first round of chicks are looking more adult by the day.... luckily there are more babies and even more eggs waiting to hatch later this week.

These  are the newest chicks, and even though it's only been a week or so, they already have so many feathers!

In wedding news, we've finalized the ceremony location. It's at a stone gazebo in Topeka and I'm excited to have it all figured out. We'll probably have a laid back camping reception and maybe even a pig roast! I've sketched out the save the date picture and might work on painting that tonight. We shall see!

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