Sept. 15

I figured out was was causing me problems with my sewing machine, and it was a completely preventable silly fault of mine... my needle was in backwards! So many people said to check my needle but I was just sure that it was in right. With that little blunder fixed my machine is running fantastically and I finished my dress tonight. The last bit took a while since I put the zipper in by hand at its full 22 inch glory. It looks fantastic though guys... really. Unfortunately it was too dark to take pictures when I finished it, but I'll make sure to take some when I get home from school tomorrow.

This afternoon I went to Costco and they had some naan at a good price, so I got some and made Indian food tonight. I can't say it was the best batch I've made, but I was still happy. I even made some mango lasse to go along with it. Tonight I also baked just about the best cookies ever... I just ate two. I doubt they will last long.

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