Sept. 13

Yesterday I alluded to a little hiccup in construction of my new dress and today it seems to have gotten worse. When I came back home from my parents this weekend I brought my mom's serger with me and while it took me ages to get the tension right with all of the threads I ultimately prevailed and serged all of my pattern pieces except for part of one, which I'm not sure how to do without cutting into the piece itself. I'm just going to zig zag stitch that little part. Another issue with the serger is the pedal. I think it has an electrical issue because it gets super hot after about half an hour of use. I sew barefoot so that's no good!

My serger and cramped little sewing space. I should organize that maybe...
The bit that has gotten worse since yesterday is my sewing machine... it's started to skip stitches like crazy! I think it's probably a tension issue since I was messing with that last week. But I got really frustrated and decided to stop for a while and make a sandwich and cookies. Or at least cookie dough. I'll mess with it some more tonight and see what I can do.

Poor skipped stitch! They were all over the place.


  1. Machine failures are such a nuisance. I now have a really nice Bernina (NOT cheap, but so worth it). I hardly ever have to fuss with it. I'm sure the dress will be great once you get past this hump!

  2. It was actually a silly mistake on my part, I had the needle in backwards! It has been causing me troubles for months now... I should have just read the manual front to back at the start. Thanks for visiting!