Sept. 12

I had such a full weekend! I went to Topeka on Saturday to an annual event called Huff and Puff. Usually I believe we've gone in the mornings for the big send off, but they have a smaller one in the evening and some tethered rides. My grandma has always thought it would be cool to go up in one so we arranged it with a balloon crew for her to go first since she can't really stand for a long time and I'm sure glad we did! The line got huge super fast. Her and I went up together and my mom took a couple pictures. It was short and we didn't go very high but it was still fun.

Then today we went to the zoo to see a couple new baby animals they have: a giraffe, Hope, and a hippo named Vision. They were almost too adorable for words. After that my sister, her boyfriend, and my nephew and I went to Ace Hardware to meet Red Green. Red Green!  He signed a roll of duct tape for me and hugged the baby. I probably had a really goofy smile on my face.

So enough of that I think yeah? Maybe tomorrow I'll give an update of my dress. I'm having an issue or two with it tonight...

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