Sept. 10

       I'm finally starting a new sewing project! It's Simplicity 2550 and I'm doing the dress in the upper right hand corner of the envelope.

It's taken me a bit of time as I traced the pattern onto butcher paper so I didn't have to cut into the sizes. I didn't think about the fact that I probably only need to do that with patterns that I already know are great instead of one that I've never used before, but we'll see what happens. My fabric is a great cotton (lightweight denim maybe?) that I've been saving for a while now and I'm excited to actually be doing something with it.

I've already made a mistake though! I cut out extra facing pieces with my fabric instead of an interfacing, so I may cut the pieces out again, I haven't really decided yet.

I've been taking pictures and editing pictures for the shop all afternoon and I'm a bit pooped, but I think I'm still going to put some up tonight. This weekend I have a hot air balloon festival, a meet and greet with Red Green, and a trip to the zoo to look forward to. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous too. Good times.

I saw this little guy at school this week. He made me happy.

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