Oct. 22

I took a microbiology test on Thursday... it's always good to get those kinds of things out of the way; now I can enjoy my weekend without worrying about it. To start off with, my roommate and I went downtown this afternoon and finally tried out a new frozen yogurt place called Spoons. Delicious. The closest thing we have to a Red Mango around here... nice tart yogurt with fruit as the only topping. There was a snickerdoodle flavor as well which we almost got... cinnamon ice cream makes me weak! I'll definitely have to go back for some of that.

I've started a skirt today as well in my first attempt to make a pattern from draping on my dress form, first time doing pockets, first uneven hem, and first partial elastic waist. What am I thinking? So far I have the entire outside layer done with the pockets so I need to work on that hem and figuring out how to put in the lining/elastic. I think with the other half of the fabric I'll just give it a zipper and not worry about the elastic, it's cutting it close with being able to pull it on as it is and I don't have any extra fabric to spare. I guess that's what I get for trying to make two skirts out of less than a yard and a half of fabric.

It is raining in Lawrence tonight and I can't wait to go to bed.

Photo by deadst4r

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