Dec. 11

This week has been a little crazy, but it seems to have slowed down for the weekend which is much appreciated. I had my last day of school on Thursday, so now I just have a few finals and I'm done for a month. I enrolled for ceramics classes at the Lawrence Arts Center and I'm super excited. It starts on Jan. 10th, so I'll have over a week of free time there before school starts back up again. 

I've also started using a new shampoo that I feel the need to mention. It's from this site and is all natural and in a bar! I've thought about going on a no-poo routine but have been hesitant, this seems like a good substitution. I have only been using it for a couple days, so I guess I can't really give a review of what it does to my hair, but so far it seems great. Right after washing I really feel like I need leave in conditioner (I've decided not to use conditioners while I try this out so my hair can get it's natural oil flow going) but after my hair dries it's really soft!

In shop news, I've updated again with some Dala Roosters! My grandma has a wooden dala rooster that I used to play with when I was a kid so it seemed like a natural progression to include one in my shop.

As a special bonus, until Christmas I'm offering free standard shipping on my ornaments! Check them out at Two Hungry Blackbirds!

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