Dec. 17

Painting By Carl Larsson

My finals are finally over and I have a whole month before I need to worry about studying or homework! I'm incredibly excited to expand my collection of little embroidered felties. I have been going through my science and zoology textbooks looking for biology-geeky inspiration goodness.

My plans for the next month are a bit intense... I am making almost all of my Christmas gifts and I really haven't started yet... oops! I also have an idea for an entree in the Mad Scientists of Etsy December challenge (topic: a tiny new species of beaked toad!)that I need to get started and finished before the end of the month.

There is some serious housework to be done as well... I've kind of let everything fly around wherever it wants to the last week or two.


So anyways, the real topic of this post was to say that I have made a little Facebook page for myself, and I've also added a button underneath each post so you can 'like' it if you want! Become a fan and I'll update with things shop related, or are just really too awesome to not tell my friends and readers...

... I'll also update if you don't become a fan, but then you won't be able to experience the joy along with all the cool kids.

P.S.I've also updated a couple links on the side to represent the Etsy teams I'm on! I've already talked about Mad Scientists of Etsy, but I'm also a member of the Kansas City Etsy team. Gooooo team!

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