Feb. 4

It appears I have survived the big snow storm. We could barely open our building's door and I had to dig my truck out with a dust pan (note to self: living in an apartment is no excuse to not have a snow shovel handy). As a result of all this weather I had not one, but two snow days! I'd have more if I took classes more than twice a week. I'm hoping this doesn't mean my classes will be behind the others for the rest of the semester.

I started a dress last week or so but for some reason I am not very excited to finish it. I think it might be the cuffs on the sleeves that don't even go around the arm of my machine. Next time it will be elastic for sure. We have finally cut out our skirts for my sewing class too. I certainly am looking forward to when that class picks up a bit. My pattern making class is pretty informative so far. We are learning about different ways to move and get rid of darts on slopers. I had no idea how mathematical it all was! Once you get the theory down it's all pretty straightforward though. There are just tons of things you can do with seaming.

In other news, my mom posted about me and my Etsy shop on her blog, Karen Stamps A Lot! Be sure to check her out!

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