July 31

I had a good day.

It started out with me working on a drafting project and anticipating a BBQ date with some good friends in Kansas City, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, ended with me moving a friend into her new place aaaaaaaaaaaallll afternoon. Hard work, but well worth it because I got a margarita out of the deal. 

Just kidding...

...but seriously... 

...that's only part of the reason. The real reason was because I could give her her housewarming present! One of the secrets of my last post no less!

This beautiful creature is the product of my dear friend's creativity. His name is Craptor and he is her constant companion through the drudgery that is life. Here are the two of them with some other friends:

Visit her Tumblr for more Craptor and other joys.

Hopefully tomorrow I can finish my newest sewing project and get a post up. Finger's crossed!

1 comment:

  1. In my world, we call those beings... the velocipussy! Rawr! Great work on the stitching, the layered colour looks great!