Jan. 21

Alright, I also very recently put together a pencil skirt out of a purple twill that I just adore. I used it to make a dress that I never wore (though I probably still have it in pieces somewhere) and I'm glad there was enough left for this skirt.

It's from the Vogue 8603 pattern and I just did the basic skirt without any gathers or frills. I was initially drawn to it because of the cool side gathers, but to be honest I don't think I'm going to do them any time soon. It would require my shirt to be tucked in and I find with this skirt that's not so much of a good look. Maybe if it sat a bit higher on my waist?

Ultimately, it was a good pattern! It was easy to put together, aside from little mistakes I made that the pattern can't be blamed for. I also wish it would lay a bit flatter on the front, but there may be something I can do about that. There are a few more slim skirt patterns that I think I'll try before I use it again... but definitely not a bad pattern. I do think I'll continue with a slimmer silhouette like this; up until now my skirts have always been fuller and loose.

Tonight, pizza. Tomorrow, the dress!

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